Swiss Backs:

Other Products

Bienna offers good quality nylon coated stainless steel .04 mm wires made in Japan, in different colors.
    Quartz Doublet:
    Bienna supplies high quality imitation pearls in white and K3 color. The pearls are made in Japan, retain their brilliance for a long time and do not rapidly shed.
      European Machine Cut Quality:
      Select Quality is the Best Quality that is available in sizes and shapes that can not be cut on automated machines. The variety of sizes and cuts of Select Quality is inexhaustable and they come in every kind of material and color. 
        Semi-Precious Stones:
        Mother of Pearl:
        Bienna offers many sizes and shapes of Black Onyx in full cut, cabochons, flat and buff cut. 


          Pro-Star, a machine cut product of Signity comes in various shapes and colors, and ranges in size from 0.8 to 4 mm. Pro-Star is made in Austria and is Best in Class Quality. 

            Genuine Stones​

            Select Quality:

            Bienna Products:

            Bienna supplies precious stones in Ruby, Saphire and Emerald in all qualities and sizes. 
              Handcut Quality:

              Cubic Zirconia's


              Synthetic Stones

              Bienna carries Mother of Pearls in white highly polished Flats in Coin and Oval shapes.
                Precious Stones:
                Cultured Pearls:
                Bienna offers various sizes and colors of high quality buttons, loose and in pairs. 
                  Fresh Water Pearls:
                  Bienna carries Japanese Akoya Pearls in White and Golden Colors in Round, 3/4's cut, Pairs, and Strands, in TA and TAA qualities.
                    Black Onyx:
                    Bienna carries a wide variety of semi-precious stones (i.e. Amethyst, Citrine and Blue Topaz).
                      Bienna's Genuine Quartz Doublet come in Colombian Emerald, Ruby and Rubilite Colors. They have natural inclusions and represent a great substitute for the ever increasing price of real stones. 
                        Bienna's Handcut commercial quality CZ's and Synthetics are cut well (AAA Quality) and come in consistent colors and sizes. This is the best product for those who want a quality Handcut stone for a good price. 
                          ​​​Pro Quality by Signity:
                          Synthetic Pearls:
                          European Machine Cut Quality (EQ) is the best quality for its price range. It is Star Cut on computerized machines that cut precise and consistent. EQ is cut only in round from 1 mm to 2.5 mm. 
                              A proven solution of securing earrings. Made by using the most advanced high precision Swiss technology.